Your First Session of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Many men are unaware of the many physical and mental health issues that arise from low testosterone. Although it may seem like Low T is an inevitable result of aging, there are many treatment options available for men struggling with loss of libido, fatigue, or other symptoms related to Low T. One of the most common treatment types is testosterone replacement therapy. Read on to find out what you should expect from your first session:

On your first visit to a Low T clinic, your physician will determine a diagnosis through a simple blood test. Based on the results, the doctor can create, monitor, and change each individual’s treatment option. It is very important to be completely honest with how each treatment option is working (or not working) for your progress.

Your physician will regularly ask questions about your general health and wellbeing. These questions can often be about your sex life, mental health, social life, and will explore other factors in your life that effect your mood and overall health. This evaluation helps the physician create a baseline for your mental affect. As you continue to seek treatment at the Low T clinic, your physician will be able to monitor your experiences and determine which treatment option is working effectively.

Many of our clients undergoing testosterone replacement therapy experience increased sexual libido and mood improvement after the first session*. However, there are occurrences where Low T symptoms do not decline until after 3 weeks to 6 months of treatment. All men experience different results from testosterone replacement therapy.

Most men do not realize they have a low testosterone until they visit a Low T clinic. Pinnacle Men’s Health in Pittsburgh offers a comprehensive, confidential consultation that includes testosterone level and PSA testing.

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*Results may vary